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We believe in the power of women being change makers in their communities.
Collaboration with international designers
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We are proud to partner with select philanthropic organizations like UNWomen and Global Compact Network Lebanon and pushing forward the global agenda for SDG 5 Gender Equality.


Products made by women artisans in collaboration with international designers!

Ceramic Pot - Silver & Black
Ceramic Pot - Bronze & Black
Make Up Sac

Success Story - Manal Ahmad Mandil

Forced to flee from my home in Syria due to the country’s crisis, I come from a difficult background but I am grateful as to how far I have come with Ajialouna. My 23-year.experience in embroidery has allowed me to be skillful in Arabic calligraphy on Anything I set my hands on, from prayer clothes to towels and bed runners. Considering that I currently live in one small room with my husband and two sons, I am uncomfortable with our living conditions. Struggling with poverty for so long has made me lose my self-confidence as well. I am now 37 years old and extremely eager for my family and I to travel and live abroad in hopes of finding a more suitable job for my husband. This would then allow me to focus on improving myself since I would love to learn how to speak English and spread my embroidery talent across the globe.  See Manal's collection page

May Daouk

May Daouk

May Daouk is a 50-year old Lebanese woman who was living in Saudi Arabia until the age of 33. She studied biochemistry at an important university in Riyadh but could not start her career afterwards since she had to take care of her sick mother.
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Marwa Tarrab

Marwa Tarrab

At 28 years old, Marwa Tarrab is currently settled in Lebanon after fleeing from her dear home in Aleppo, Syria five years ago. Her difficult background is an incentive for her to make something out of herself, which she accomplishes by working at the Amel Association.
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Nawal Khanji

Nawal Khanji

"I began learning how to sew at the age of 12 when my talented uncle introduced me to this skill and artistry. I was a quick learner and immediately developed a passion for it, sewing clothes for men, women and kids of all ages.
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