Atiyyah Abd El Mohsen

 Life as a refugee has its difficulties. Atiyyah Abd El Mohsen is a Syrian woman and a mother, who moved to Al Marj, West Bekaa, Lebanon in 2013. Along with her husband, Atiyyah worked to support and educate her children. For more than 15 years, she has been excelling in crochet and knitting alluring designs.  Round colored coasters made from plastic bags were one of her unique pieces of work. Her passion for her work is extra ordinary, which makes her really good at her job. Atiyyah has been show casing her products and selling them to customers, which makes her financially independent and a source of income for the household. In fact, her income was made to support more than 4 individuals and hence this called for a lot of responsibility. Despite her low level of education, that only reached Brevet, Atiyyah proved to those who “can’t”, to “can”. She exemplifies a confident woman fighting to be part of the production process and successfully being able to do that.





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Colorful Coasters & Centerpiece 7 pcs
Set of Colorful Coasters & Centerpiece 7 pcs
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