Daed Ismail

Born and raised in the South of Lebanon, Daed Ismail is a 56-year old woman whose family is made up of a husband and four beautiful children. Although she did not continue her education past high school, Daed has been involved in the provision of seasonal agricultural products for 11 years now. With the Mawasim Al Dayaa Association, she prepares traditional and delicious food such as specialty bread, jams and drinks. Daed’s main goal of going to work every morning is to further strengthen her personality since it allows her to feel more socially and financially independent. She cheerfully encourages other woman to focus on their careers – both her daughters attended university and are now working. “Even though I did not get the chance to go to university, I know that the most important weapon a woman can have is her diploma. The one thing I would love to learn now is a new language.”



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