Ghaida AlKadiri

“At 15 years old, I am the youngest woman working in the accessories department at the Amel Association making thread bracelets, dream catchers and God’s eye crafts. Originally from Syria, I attended school until Grade 6 and then had to flee from my home in 2012 because of the war. I have been living in Lebanon for the past four years with my parents and four siblings. I joined Amel two years ago and have taken part in many different workshops working on computers, hair and make-up, speaking English, drawing on glass and accessories. After acquiring a variety of skills, I was chosen to work in the accessories department since the workshop saw a lot of potential in me – it was my ultimate passion from the start. I am proud of the fact that I am able to make something out of myself and contribute to my family at such a young age. I usually keep my earnings and spend them on my daily needs but to a certain extent, I am able to assist in increasing my household’s income. Nothing feels better as a young woman and I encourage others to do so as well. Despite how well I am doing at the moment, I do plan on continuing my education as soon as I get the chance to.”




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Diamond Shape Dream Catcher - Blue
Diamond Shape Dream Catcher - Pink
Diamond Shape Dream Catcher - Pink & Blue
Engraved Brass Bracelet - Black
Ethnic Bracelet - Blue
Ethnic Bracelet - Brown
Ethnic Bracelet - Green
Ethnic Bracelet - Orange
Ethnic Bracelet- Beige
Lucky Charm Dream Catcher Bracelet - Blue
Lucky Charm Eye Bracelet - Blue
Lucky Charm Eye Bracelet - Red
Lucky Charm Eye Bracelet - Turquoise
Lucky Charm Hand Bracelet - Pink
Orange Feathered Dream Catcher
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