Ghina Beydoun

Coming from a difficult background involving a tough divorce from her ex-husband, Ghina Beydoun has to care for her house, two children and mother all alone. She has, however, managed to turn this unfortunate situation into a more positive outcome by flipping her life around. Ghina is now able to use her expertise to sew and embroider tablecloths and bed covers of all patterns and complexities as an artisan at Ajialouna, where she receives a steady income. At 47 years old, she has accumulated 18 years of experience in sewing and embroidery after completing her certification in this field. In the future, Ghina looks forward to owning a house and having more time for herself in order to achieve her long-term dream of becoming a part-time Sports trainer. At the moment, however, she aims for being healthy, strong and independent so that she does not need to rely on anyone but herself.

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