Intissar Sakran

Intissar Sakran, who is originally from Syria, moved to Lebanon three and a half years ago with four dependents. Her divorce from her ex-husband has left her to care for her two children and her parents all alone. Due to all the financial responsibility, Intissar joined the Amel Association as soon as she arrived to Lebanon and has significantly benefitted since then. She learned many things that she did not have the opportunity to learn in Syria since Intissar did not have a lot of freedom there – “it was unusual for women to leave their house and work every day.” At Amel, she was able to attend a variety of workshops and ultimately chose to work in the accessories department making earrings. One essential lesson she has learned over the years working in this department is the importance of being patient. In the future, Intissar dreams of opening her own boutique store and seeing her own work displayed all over.


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Copper & Blue Bead Earrings
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Ethnic Fabric Amber Bead Earrings
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Ottoman Copper Coin - Red Bead Earrings
Rainbow Dangling Earrings
Spiral Fabric Long Earrings - Green
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