Marwa Tarrab

At 28 years old, Marwa Tarrab is currently settled in Lebanon after fleeing from her dear home in Aleppo, Syria five years ago. Her difficult background is an incentive for her to make something out of herself, which she accomplishes by working at the Amel Association. For the past four years, Marwa has been creating beautiful necklaces with intricate designs in the accessories department at Amel. Although she learned this skill a long time ago, she has come a long way and has managed to refine her artistry even more the past few years. Marwa is extremely grateful for this opportunity as she is able to express her creative ideas while also helping to provide for her husband and two children at home. She longs to remain working in this field since it gives her joy and allows her to feel strong and independent.

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Artsy Necklace
Colored Glass & Copper Necklace
Copper Fan Shape Turquoise Earrings
Copper Rose Necklace
Ethnic Fabric & Brass Necklace
Ethnic Fabric Tassel Necklace
Fabric & Turquoise Stone Necklace
Layered Fabric Ethnic Necklace
Rainbow Cocoon Necklace
Red Bead Cocoon Necklace
Red Stone & Copper Flower Necklace
Spring Floral Fabric Necklace
U shaped - Brass & Stone Necklace
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