Mirvat El Aidi

“Life has never been easy for me and my family. As a refugee and taking care of my mentally challenged daughter, life has taught me so much. My name is Mirvat El Aidi and I am a Syrian who moved from Damascus to West Bekaa, Lebanon in 2012 with my family due to the situation in Syria. It has only been a few years now, that I began knitting and forming unique pieces of art. I honestly did not see it coming, but I have developed a passion towards handcrafting designs and adding personal touches to each one of my works. Cat -shaped and flower-shaped coasters made from used plastic bags are some of the works I’ve excelled in. I feel like I can express myself through my work and it simply makes me happy. Soon, my work began to be recognized which encouraged me to pursue it even more. Today, I have opened my own small business and I consider myself a financially independent woman who is able to support the lives of more than 4.  Yes I have not attained a high degree in school, but I believe it is one’s will rather than his education that brings him to far places. My road to success is still under construction due to the unfortunate social restraints for women in this community, but I will not stop until it is fully built along with the help of all the other women out there who suffer just as much.”



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