Nahida Tawbe

Nahida Tawbe is a 38-year old woman who has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in designing accessories and other professional crafts while also giving lessons at workshops. She is currently divorced and raises her two children all by herself – this provides her with the motivation to show other women how important it is to empower themselves as single mothers. Working with a variety of institutions and associations, Nahida is able to mentor and train women by passing her skills and knowledge on to them. At the Amel Association, she worked on a project that took in 450 refugee women to train, not discriminating based on nationality, religion, race or color. Nahida’s workshops aim at enabling them to provide for themselves and their families without needing the help of others. In the long-term, the ultimate goal is for these women to make a living here or abroad out of the skills they were taught at Amel.

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