Samar Kuzbari

At a young age, Samar Kuzbari believed she was born with her painting skills and pursued an education in the arts in Paris, France. At 57 years old, she is now living in Lebanon and is happily married with two daughters and several grandkids. Samar has been volunteering at Ajialouna for the past 15 years painting on a variety of different artisanal items. Some of the products she works on include wooden trays or cotton scarves and she makes sure to see them through to completion and packaging. Volunteering at Ajialouna allows Samar to express her artistic ideas while helping the organization and giving back to her community in any way she can. “The best thing about volunteering is that you are not obliged to do it, it comes straight from the heart.” She encourages women to have a reason to get up out of bed each morning by setting goals for themselves and having a purpose in their lives.
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