Suha Maamari Haydamous

I am Suha Maamari Haydamous  as an  AUB graduate worked as a Computer and Math instructor for years before I decided to do something I was passionate about, that was in  year 2015 when I started following my mum’s recipes  of marmalade giving  them a twist.  Later   I started cooking and baking with the marmalade inventing new recipes .So House of Marmalade has marmalade in everything.


At House of Marmalade, we believe in passing on the simple comfort and nostalgic pleasure in food. We passionately want to gather people around the table to share stories, make memories and savor the experiences.

House of Marmalade preserves the sweetness of tradition by reviving and reinventing Grandmother “Teta” Adma’s simple and timeless citrus recipe. All our artisanal delicacies are laced with love. Each batch is meticulously handmade with organic, wholesome ingredients, making every bite a healthy and heartfelt treat.

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Blueberry Drops Marmelade
Chocolate Fusion
Cranberry Kisses
Fig Fever
Fig Fever
Strawberry Darling
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