Suzanne Hussein

“Although I was born and raised in Lebanon, I am 43 years old and of Palestinian origin from a small village in Acre that I never got to visit. I began to learn how to sew 22 years ago at an institute while working as a tailor from my own home in order to provide for my family. I had to stop my education because of personal circumstances and this is one of my biggest regrets at the moment. I currently sew abayas, dresses and prayer clothes of all shapes and sizes at
Ajialouna while caring for my two sick parents at home. One day, I would like to move to Palestine and bring my parents and sewing expertise with me. Although this skill leads me to have back pain, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to create a stable life out of what I like to do every day.”
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Baby Embroidered Bed Set 3 pcs
Baby Towel & Bib Set-Pink
Blue Baby Bed Set  3 pcs
Lace & Jute Cutlery Holder
Lace & Linen Cutlery Holder
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