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Artsy Copper with Purple Bead Earrings
Blue Ball Knitted Earrings
Blue Beige Knitted Earrings
Copper & Blue Bead Earrings
Copper & Green Bead Earrings
Copper and Coral Bead Earrings
Copper Fan Shape Turquoise Earrings
Coral & Turquoise Twinkle Earrings
Ethnic Fabric Amber Bead Earrings
Ethnic Fabric Floral Earrings
Green Ball Knitted Earrings
Ottoman Copper Coin - Red & Blue Bead Earrings
Ottoman Copper Coin - Red Bead Earrings
Purple Beige Knitted Earrings
Rainbow Dangling Earrings
Silver Fan Shape Green Bead Earrings
Spiral Copper with Red Beads Earrings
Spiral Fabric Long Earrings - Green
Spiral Fabric Long Earrings - Purple
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