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Philanthropy Help Change Lives


We believe in the power of women being change makers in their communities. “SHE Min Lebnen” is a project that aims to empower women in rural Lebanon by providing them with the best artistic and professional supervision and guidance. It is the first of its kind hub that connects talented and skilled women with the best names in arts and design to make their products attractive and marketable locally and internationally.


Are you a skilled and talented woman?



Our Partnerships


We are proud to partner with select philanthropic organizations like UNWomen and Global Compact Network Lebanon and pushing forward the global agenda for SDG 5 Gender Equality.


We are also very proud of the support we get from Prime Minister Mr. Saad Hariri and his belief in women being a strong economic untapped resource.



Proudly the recipient of:

The International Alliance for Women’s “World of Difference” award – 2015

    Evelyn Bustros Award for The Most Impactful Lebanese Woman – 2016

    Goldman Sachs & Fortune Global Women Leaders Award – 2016

    Woman of the Year in Social Entrepreneurship - UNIDO - 2017

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